Body Mechanics: Back to Center

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Date: Saturday, October 5, 2024

Location: Old Murphey School : 3717 Murphey School Road, Durham, NC 27705

Proper body mechanics are essential to effectively delivering massage techniques with ease and can help ensure a long and productive career. Many massage therapists struggle with improper mechanics that can lead to burnout or injury.

This course will help you recognize problematic usage patterns and improve your awareness and engagement of the body’s gravitational center to deliver massage techniques with greater ease, safety, and efficacy.

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Body Mechanics: Back to Center

October 5 (Saturday) 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
4 CE hours
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Good body mechanics are foundational to a long, productive career in massage therapy, yet many therapists struggle with maintaining proper form throughout their workday.

This class focuses on using the body’s gravitational center, one of the key components of proper body mechanics, which is integral for creating the greatest ease and effectiveness when delivering massage techniques. We will compare and contrast appropriate and inappropriate body mechanics applications and practice movements to increase your awareness and use of center while providing massage. You will also learn how to move efficiently around a massage table, recognize problematic body mechanics patterns, and self-correct to make your work less physically challenging, thus saving your body from undue strain and effort. Whether you are a new or veteran therapist, this course will serve your body well by getting back to center.