Beverly Johnson and Sarah DeBerardinis had a long history working together as lead instructors at the Body Therapy Institute in NC, a leader in massage therapy education for over 35 years. When the school closed its doors in 2017, it became clear the time was right for a move out of entry-level training into the expanded reach of continuing education.

Integrity Trainings was founded in 2017, by Beverly and Sarah out of a strong desire to continue working together and offer massage education that is both valuable and engaging. Together, we combine our deep love and respect for the profession with regard for all students to create trainings that positively impact and elevate therapists within this field.



Beverly Johnson, LMBT

Beverly has over 30 years of experience in training and instructing in various capacities – first in retail management, then in the corporate business sector. Her interest in health, wellness, and the human body called her into the massage therapy field. She completed her massage training at Body Therapy Institute in Siler City, NC in 2000, where she later taught for 17 years serving as a lead instructor in all hands-on modalities as well as Professional Ethics and Massage Laws. She is also a former faculty member of the Center for Embodied Teacher Education. Beverly is a graduate of the Spirit of Learning, a teacher training program for Massage, Somatic and Healthcare Educators. She has taken leadership trainings with the … Read more

Sarah DeBerardinis, LMBT

After graduating from the University of North Carolina in 1998, Sarah attended the renowned Body Therapy Institute in Siler City for massage training. In 1999 she finished their Massage Therapy Diploma Program and began her career as a licensed massage and bodywork therapist. In 2010 Sarah completed the Spirit of Learning teacher training program and was hired as an instructor at BTI. Sarah taught many aspects of the entry-level diploma program including Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, and Pathology as well as all hands-on modalities. She has spent the better part of the last two decades dedicating her time and energy to becoming a skilled practitioner and educator. Over the years Sarah has had the opportunity to study with many of the … Read more

Meet All Of Our Presenters!


Another excellent training class! Can not wait to share this info with my clients and use the techniques to address restrictions in their bodies!

– Sharyn Holt

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I really appreciate all the prep work done to ensure a well-organized training.

– Kathy Parry

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This class has forever shifted my practice. My touch and approach to the body will never be the same.

– Victoria (Tori) Trinks

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Thank you, as always, for your knowledge, experience, and contagious excitement on this work. You are changing the direction of the profession with your dedicated studies and teaching method.

– Kristina Pugh

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I love taking classes from these “anatomy nerds”! Great info and presented in a way that can be immediately integrated into my practice.

– Susanne Glass

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The instructors kept it vibrant and engaging the whole time.

– Sahana Braswell

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The Integrity Trainings course on the pectoral girdle was absolutely one of the best continuing education trainings I have attended in my 25 years as a massage therapist. Can’t recommend these guys enough. The material, presentation and clarity were first rate.

– Dawn Saunders

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Very much enjoyed being in class with instructors who know their subject matter so well and articulate it in such an effective way. Great powerpoint, too!

– Elly Siggins

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Incredibly clear & concise. I really enjoyed the lecture as everything said was relevant to the class. Wonderful to have more techniques to take back to clients. I enjoyed this class so much. 14 hours and I was never bored.
– Kelly Ashley

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This is a top-notch course instructed by two top-notch professionals. I will be applying all that I’ve learned to the benefit of my clients & I’m 100% positive this will only enhance my practice & business. Can’t wait for future learning with IT!

– Barb LeBlanc

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I have taken two other Clinical Massage Strategies courses and each time I leave with a new set of skills and tools. Functional assessment has allowed me to treat my clients more specifically, which enables me to be more effective- faster. The ability to isolate and specifically focus on the cause makes these courses very valuable.

– Kiesha Brown

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Organization and knowledge base of instructors was excellent. Course flowed well and material was presented with practical application in mind. The materials provided are great for quick trouble-shooting and easy to use.

– Michael Barriskill

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I realized I was completely engaged during both days of class. Not once did I get bored or wish we would move on to the next topic. The class was well paced and organized, with a good balance of lecture and hands on work.  And I put the info immediately to use.

– Dawn Hege

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I took the Clinical Massage Strategies Series in 2017…The way the course is structured there is NO WAY you won’t leave without feeling like you retained so much! They are very knowledgeable, caring and helpful. This was a transition for me and this course helped me to see, feel, and understand the human body on a much deeper level. I am grateful to have these ladies be so precise and patient with me on this learning journey and I will take any new course you guys offer that I can make it to!! I highly recommend Integrity Trainings for your massage continuing education courses.

– Kay Stokes

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I’ve had the honor to attend BTI and continuing education classes with both of these excellent & very qualified teachers. Any CE courses you take with these ladies will be well worth your Time, Money & Effort. You will actually learn “skills” you can take with you and use immediately in the field. Documentation is concise and detailed. They are open, accessible & teach from their hearts. They believe in what they do. I highly recommend CE courses with Integrity Trainings. Make this a definite “to do” on your list for 2018.

– Shawn Regalbuto

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One of the best, clear, concise teachings I have experienced in my continuing education. Sarah and Beverly show deep understanding of structural and physiological organization of the human body.

– Carolyn Levy

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If you are looking for fantastic and worthwhile continuing ed classes in Massage Therapy then Integrity Trainings is the place for you! Together Beverly and Sarah are a great teaching team. Their knowledge of anatomy and physiology is the most extensive I’ve experienced in continuing education. And these ladies are excited about what they teach and are ready to answer as many questions as you have for them! I look forward to taking all of their classes in the future. They make learning exciting which I believe is rare in continuing ed. You will want to integrate all that Beverly and Sarah teach you into your practice immediately. That’s how effective their strategies are. Don’t miss a chance to experience their classes. They are the best!

– Charlotte Englehart

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This three part course is great to improve efficiency, technique and general trouble shooting. Clients will have better results and want to come back. At least they did for me! Sarah and Beverly are highly-skilled professionals that have come together with their expertise to create what I like to call “a fool-proof” protocol to assess and treat clients. The most effective work I’ve done has been a direct result of the methods learned from all three of the clinical assessment courses they offered in 2017. I even asked a chiropractor for feedback so I could really understand the spine, and he was so impressed that he immediately volunteered for the shoulder assessment! This work allows you to go straight to the area in question, quickly assess, and treat. I’ve been able to do more, in less time. Your clients will thank you and they’ll tell their friends – highly recommend!

– Amanda Dayman

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