Ruth Newnam, MA, LMBT

Ruth Newnam is a massage therapist specializing in Manual Lymph Drainage. Sometimes called lymphatic massage, Manual Lymph Drainage, is a light-pressure technique offering profound results reducing acute and chronic swelling, managing lymphedema, aiding a sluggish lymphatic system, and calming the nervous system.

A native of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Ruth received a B.A. from the College of William and Mary and a M.A. in Sport Administration from UNC-CH before attending the Body Therapy Institute in Silk Hope, NC. Ruth has practiced as a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist in North Carolina since September 2002. She trained at the Dr. Vodder School in 2004 and is a lymphedema and lymphatic massage therapist. She’s also a mother, a cancer survivor, and a self-care enthusiast.

Ruth has a private practice in Carrboro, NC working with cancer patients, pre and post-operative clients, athletes, clients with compromised immune systems, and those looking to soothe the nervous system. She emphasizes self-care in her private practice and group yoga classes, offering tutorials and videos to help clients complete their own lymphatic care or that of their partner.

Learn more about Ruth’s private practice at Check out www.practice-wellcom for her other person classes, continuing education opportunities, and videos to build–or rebuild–a safe, strong, and therapeutic self-care practice at home.