Julia Corley, LPC-A, NCC, LMBT

Julia Corley, LPC-A, NCC, NC LMBT #2123 is a Certified Therapist and Teacher for Hakomi Institute. She has done healing work for over 20 years, first as a massage therapist with a passion for the mind/body connection and now as a somatic psychotherapist in private practice in Hillsborough, NC. In addition to teaching Hakomi in the Southeastern U.S. and Mallorca, Spain. Julia is also a facilitator for Right Use of Power, an ethics training created by Hakomi Trainer Cedar Barstow. She is a former lead instructor of Somatic Psychology and Therapeutic Communication at Body Therapy Institute. Julia is passionate about helping people come home to their deeper knowing, by gently and mindfully exploring who and how they are in their body and life. Her students describe her presence as warm, calm, clear, and full of heart.