Ethics: Touching from the Heart


Date: September 28, 2019

Location: Transmission Studio, 115 West Clay Street, Mebane NC 27302

Julia Corley leads this highly experiential ethics workshop exploring the refinement of therapeutic presence and communication with clients. The aim is to cultivate a more attuned therapeutic relationship that will distinguish you as an exceptional massage provider.

Using a variety of activities, we will:

  • Define ethics as it relates to non-violence
  • Use heart as a resource when interacting with clients
  • Examine past experiences as touchstones for knowing what not to do in a session
  • Experiment with non-violent client/therapist relationship via therapist attitude
  • Implement refined tracking & professional communication skills
  • Discern when to use mindful pausing to gain information about how to proceed in a session

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Ethics: Touching from the Heart

September 28 (Saturday) 9:30 am – 5:30 pm
7 CE hours

Transmission Studio, 115 West Clay Street, Mebane NC 27302

In this workshop, we will explore the ethics of a skillfully attended therapeutic relationship. Genuine, heart-felt connection and an attitude of non-violence are hallmarks of attuned practice.

Massage therapy is often delivered with a subtle violence, a pushing of the therapist’s agenda, of what they think the client needs over what is organically unfolding in the client’s experience. We will discuss ethical touch, use memories of unskillful touch in service of cultivating more ethical practice, and apply specific verbal and non-verbal therapeutic attitudes and communication skills in order to be in collaboration with clients to give them more exceptional care. The day will be highly personal and experiential and you will learn skills that can be immediately applied with your clientele.